Our Story


Established in 2017 and based in Vancouver BC Canada, Monocot: All About Home is an online venture, offline custom made furniture and interior styling service provider operated by Monocot Home Corporation.


 Our Name /Monocot/

Monocots are one of the most commonly seen plants in our lives, whether it’s the beautiful orchids that bring elegance and taste to our atmosphere, or the essential grains that support our daily needs, monocots have already rooted in our lives. As a home décor & furniture styling and providing company, we have named ourselves ‘Monocot’, for we want our products and service to be an element in your life that extend harmony and unity of monocots’ aesthetics, so that home is not only a place to stay but a reflection and reminder of who you are and what you want to be.


Our Mission

As a growing company that is with enthusiasms and passions in home fashion and styling, we aim to provide you the most genuine décor pieces to cater for your tasteful, pleasant, and beautiful home style. We proudly source our products from all over the world. While having worked closely with our suppliers, we are able to handpick most of our products so that each product is special and with its own unique personality. In addition, our favourable connections with suppliers and logistics providers allow us to pass the savings to our customers. Hence, we can make essential yet elegant products both accessible and affordable to you.



We hope all Monocot’s products are accessible to you.



We want all Monocot’s products are affordable to you.



We wish all Monocot’s products are essential to your home and lifestyle.



We believe each of Monocot’s products are an elegant transformation in your daily life.


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