Cactus Diffuser



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Made of eco friendly concrete, our Cactus Diffuser is ideal for your office desk or bedroom nightstand. Just a few drops of aroma oil on the cactus, let it sit for few minutes, it will fill the room with the delightful scent of your choice. 

Want to try a different scent with this cute diffuser? Simply dismantle the concrete cactus from its wooden base, and soak the concrete part in water for an hour, then air dry it, please avoid direct sun light. Once it's completely dry, it is ready for a different scent.

  • Environmental absorbent cement
  • Wooden base
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Fragrance excluded

Sizes and dimensions: 

  • One size: 7.5cm length* 7.5cm width* 13.5cm height

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